Amazing content doesn't have to mean huge productions - authentic adventures are best narrated when there's actual adventuring involved.

To generate the urban content part for Jack Wolfskin's Canada themed AW17 campaigns "GoBackPack" and "At Home Outdoors", we sent four friends on a journey trough Canada to explore and create. In their backpacks: Autumn and winter clothing from the Jack Wolfskin AW17 collection.

To cast these four friends, we picked Cologne-based photographer Marco Klahold who doesn't only have the photography skills but also knowledge of the influencer scene - and many photogenic, adventurous friends who wanted to accompany him on the journey. 

They made their way from Quebec to Montreal to Toronto and Niagara in 10 days. The whole stretch was traveled via train and ferries.

The outcome was photo and video content as well as a scrapbook of their journey. The content was used for all social media channels from Jack Wolfskin as well as their AW17 catalogue. 


CLIENT // Jack Wolfskin
AGENCY //  intention Werbeagentur
PRODUCTION // Natural Born Explorers
PHOTOGRAPHER // Marco Klahold
YEAR // 2017