In 2015, europeans leading photo service provider CEWE asked us to shoot all winter & christmas themes for their photo products. This meant for us: Christmas celebration in march - with loads of christmassy props, wintery outfits and (luckily) real snow in Rauris, Austria.

Following up, we also organized the whole production for autumnal vibes in Königswinter as well as the spring/summer content '17 in gorgeous Cape Town, South Africa. Lastly, we did an urban themed photo shoot in Berlin in May 2017. 

During the overall 14 production days we produced content for CEWE's website, flyers and PoS. Maybe you'll be able to spot them when creating your next photo book online!


CLIENT // CEWE Stiftung & Co. KGaA
AGENCY //  Wunderman
PRODUCTION // Natural Born Explorers
PHOTOGRAPHER // Boris Breuer
ASSISTANT PHOTOGRAPHERS // Jörn Strojny, Grzegorz Jan Bieniek, Dennis Jakoby
CAST // Natural Born Explorers
HAIR & MAKE UP // Jasmin Zelenka (SHINE Agentur), Michi Schietzel, Man Le (Agentur Nina Klein)
STYLING //  Mine Uludag
PROP STYLING // Katrin Nagelmüller
YEAR // 2015 - 2017